— What I do —

You bring the vision,

I add the color.

It’s a metaphor (sorta). All I do is uncover what was already a part of your company. I take your goals, your passions, and all the tiny details that make you stand above the rest — and I give all of those aspects of your company a voice and a presence that people can’t ignore. You already know that what you do is game changing, but I’m the one that will help others to understand that.

who i am

I am a graphic designer based in NYC, specializing in identity and website design. As a kid, I grew up on the tropical island of Sri Lanka and spent most of my time playing with Legos. I find comfort in warm rain, afternoon espresso, and laying outside napping with long Russian Novels. To get to know me a little better check out the about page, or just contact me with the form below.

What I offer

My two primary services are creating brand identities and websites. Everything I make is customized to fit your company’s strategy, audience, and message. Don’t have those figured out yet? Let’s define them together.

What I've Made

Had enough words? Go check out my work! There is a wide variety of projects and I guarantee there will be something that excites you.