A bit about me

Who I am.

My name is Caleb Raney and I’m a human being. I mean let’s be real, can you really sum up who someone is with a couple of fun facts?

What I do.

I am a full time freelance designer. While I specialize in creating brand identities and websites I love variety, and am willing to take on any sort of unique creative challenge. If you want to make a difference or re-imagine the world we live in I’d love to be a part of it.

Where I’m from.

I grew up on the tropical Island of Sri Lanka (If you don’t know where that is you should definitely look it up). As a child I loved swimming, playing strategy games, and arguing with my art teacher.

Why design?

I believe design makes a real tangible impact on the world and plays a huge (albeit, sometimes subtle) role in how people understand issues, people, and products. I love design because I think it makes the world a more beautiful and connected place.

When can we talk?

Right now. Probably a more accurate thing to say is between 1 & 2 business days, I usually reply to emails really quickly (except on weekends when I avoid them like the plague). So use the contact form below and lets get in touch!

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