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October 2021

The Challenge

a stale website

IdolRoc is a 20+ year old company energetically in music, college based concerts and a wide variety of other business ventures. Their website however hadn't been updated in years and did not communicate what they are about.

The Solution

energy that compels

I completely overhauled IdolRoc’s website with cutting edge interactions and a level of energy that matches the initiatives they are involved in. Along with this I gave their brand a refresh, adding in responsive logo variants and new typography system.

Idol Roc Website Screenshot - who we are section

Brand Refresh


punchy and cohesive

The first step in creating a new website was to refine the design direction, the IdolRoc team wanted to stick with a similar color palette and logo, but were otherwise open to my creative input. I created three different homepage designs to help clarify the creative direction and after discussing it with the team we decided to combine aspects of all three.

I used Version 1 as the base for the final design including the side menu and the primary typeface (Heading Now by Zetafonts) which provided a bold framework that complemented the photography of festivals and concert's they have hosted.

version 1
Idol Roc Homepage version 1
version 2
Idol Roc Homepage version 2
version 3
Idol Roc Homepage version 3

Web Design


crafting the content

After the design direction was established I worked to build out all of the internal pages. Since the new website needed to be more robust than their previous one-pager, this involved helping their team curate content and figure out the best way to explain all that IdolRoc does to end users.

We ended up dividing the website into two main categories, firstly the Agency page which would exhibit some of their work on campaigns for brands like Monster and Beats by Dre. Secondly the Companies which would show off their portfolio of successful businesses (more of which are on the way).

$50k Charity Challenge Basketball game
Idol Roc Website Screenshot - companies page
$50k Charity Challenge Basketball game
Floyd Mayweather and Rob Gronkowski at $50k Charity Challenge
Lil xan performing at a concert
Snoop Dawg at $50k Charity Challenge
Crowd at concert
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie performing



built for expansion

Finally, I built the website using Webflow. This allowed me to use Webflow's CMS for IdolRoc's various company pages, making them easier to update and add by their team as the company continues to grow. After the initial build I continued to work with the IdolRoc team to make final updates to the content and fine tune the interactions throughout the website for a straightforward user experience. The launch was a big success, one of the founding partners said “I'm finally not embarrassed to have this linked in my email signature.”

Idol Roc Website Screenshot - hero section
Wireframe of IdolRoc website - Outbreak Tour page
Wireframe of IdolRoc website - Home page
Wireframe of IdolRoc website - Company page
Up and Up festival concert
Idol Roc Website Screenshot - Outbreak tour page
Idol Roc Website Mobile Screenshot - key stats section
Idol Roc Website Mobile Screenshot - image grid section
Idol Roc Website Mobile Screenshot - alumni section
“Caleb was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely detailed, efficient, timely, and creative. Our objectives and expectations were completely satisfied, and we look forward to continuing our collaborations together.”

Rick De Ciantis

Idol Roc Partner


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