January 2020


Brand Identity

The Challenge

True Crime isn’t simply Horror

When the founder of Demented Clothing first approached me asking if I could create their brand identity I was intrigued. While I’ve never been a true crime junky myself, I was interested in the appeal and started to do some research into what this genre is all about. While there are a lot of interesting podcasts and movies, I found the apparel side of the “Industry” quite lacking. On one hand there was lots of clothing with cliché and uninteresting copy like “the husband did it” and other equally un-inspired phrases. On the other was the hardcore goth aesthetic that appealed to rebellious teens, and not really anyone else.

The Solution

Gritty and Historical

In our initial strategy meeting I brought this up with the founder and told her that I thought there was a large gap in the market where Demented Clothing could comfortably sit. This meant keeping the dark and gritty side of true crime without overindulging and becoming predictable. I wanted to help her create a brand that felt mysterious and historical, like finding yourself in a 19th century murder mystery that you aren’t quite sure you’ll make it out of. You’re asking what that means for an apparel brand? Well let me show you.

"Caleb worked extremely well and was very helpful and patient with me. I had a lot of uncertainties that Caleb was extremely understanding about and helped offer me direction and guidance. I will be working with him again in the near future."
- Deja-Minor